Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 1:28-2:3 — The Creation Mandate and Sabbath Rest album cover
Proclaiming Christ is an audio program which discusses biblical preaching. In each episode we will discuss the process, method, and goals of preaching biblical texts from a uniquely Reformed perspective. We invite you to listen and to provide your feedback!

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Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 1:28-2:3 — The Creation Mandate and Sabbath Rest

In this episode of Proclaiming Christ we discuss the creation mandate given to Adam and the promise of Sabbath rest. We invite your comments and questions.

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Genesis 1:14-28 – The Next Three Creation Days

In this episode of Proclaiming Christ we discuss days 4-6 of the creation account in Genesis 1. We continue the discussion of light and darkness in creation as it pertains to the fourth day, the kingdom of God in creation, and the creation of humanity in the image of God.


Genesis 1:1-13 – The First Three Creation Days

In this episode we discuss verses 3-13 of Genesis 1: the first three creation days. We discuss the covenantal character of creation, the theological dimensions of these days, God’s dominion and interpretive prerogative in naming and ordering the days. We also look at the significance of those things which are the focus of each day: […]

Tissot - The Creation

Genesis 1:1-2 – The Doctrine of God in Creation

In this episode we discuss the first two verses of Genesis 1. The episode focuses on the centrality of God in creation. We begin by discussing some interpretive assumptions involved in reading this passage. We also consider: the distinctiveness of the God of the Bible over against the pagan myths, God’s sovereignty and freedom in creation, creation ex nihilo, the creation […]

Thomas Cole - Garden of Eden

Introducing Genesis

Proclaiming Christ considers an introduction to the book of Genesis, looking at creation as it points to the eschatological glory of God.


Sermon Delivery

In this episode of Proclaiming Christ the panel considers sermon delivery. We discuss things like: whether to use a manuscript or not, sermon application, resources, and things not to do while preaching. Please join us by listening along. We invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and comments.

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Preparing to Preach

In this week’s episode we discuss sermon preparation. As the panel considers the kind of work that must go on before a preacher is ready to preach, we discuss things like: the importance of prayer; the reading, re-reading and meditation on Scripture, the importance of the original languages. We also briefly discuss whether all preaching […]

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Presuppositions for Preaching

On this episode of Proclaiming Christ we talk about presuppositions that underlie the sermon preparation process. In particular, we deal with presuppositions which govern the proper reading and interpretation of Scripture while preparing to preach. We welcome your feedback!

Proclaiming Christ

Introductions and Foundations

In this, the premiere episode of Proclaiming Christ, we introduce the panelists for this new Reformed Forum podcast on biblical preaching. We also begin to discuss foundational aspects of preaching. We welcome your feedback!