Logical Positivism

Logical positivism is a combination of empiricism and mathematical and logico-linguistic constructs and deductions in epistemology. The crew provides a brief overview of the view and major players. They then proceed to offer a short critique. post image from the…

Kloosterman’s and Hart’s Responses

Today we continue our second round responses in our Christ and Culture series. Nelson Kloosterman and Darryl Hart respond to the comments made by the other participants during the first round. Download Participants: Camden Bucey, Darryl G. Hart, Nelson Kloosterman
Calvin at the Centre

Calvin at the Centre

Paul Helm’s latest, Calvin at the Centre, is a fascinating book presenting a fresh look on several key themes in Calvin and his lasting influence upon later theologians. In many ways, the book is a follow-up to Helm’s earlier work John…
Pearl S. Buck

The Fight Against Liberalism: Foreign Missions

Darryl Hart continues his series on J. Gresham Machen looking at Machen and the Independent Board of Presbyterian Foreign Missions. The independent board was created as a reaction to the liberal theology permeating the denominational board. The controversy surrounding the…
Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell’s (Un)Apologetic

The group discusses Bertrand Russell’s infamous essay Why I Am Not a Christian. Russell led the 20th century British revolt against idealism and contributed greatly to the philosophical field of logic. Jared Oliphint leads a march through Russell’s essay as…

Wilson’s Response

Today we continue our second round responses in our Christ and Culture series. Doug Wilson responds to the comments made by Darryl Hart, Nelson Kloosterman and Bill Dennison in the first round. Download Participants: Camden Bucey

Francis Chan’s Crazy Love

Nick Batzig and Jeff Waddington speak about Francis Chan’s Crazy Love, Augustine’s De Trinitatae and Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo. Download Participants: Jeff Waddington, Nick Batzig
Young Van Til

Das Machen des Van Til

Or roughly, “The Making of Van Til.” Camden Bucey builds a case that Machen is the principal historical reason for Cornelius Van Til becoming the influential reformed apologist he became. Download the handout Download Participants: Camden Bucey

Book 1, Chapter 17, Sections 6-10 – Use to be Made of the Doctrine of Providence

Sections 6. A holy meditation on Divine Providence. 1. All events happen by the ordination of God. 2. All things contribute to the advantage of the godly. 3. The hearts of men and all their endeavours are in the hand…

René Descartes

René Descartes (31 March 1596 – 11 February 1650), was a French philosopher, mathematician, and physicist. He has been dubbed the “Father of Modern Philosophy,” and much of subsequent Western philosophy is a response to his writings. Many of his works are still studied…

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