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We started podcasting in January 2008, well before podcasts basically took over the world. Those were the days before podcasts were even listen in Apple iTunes and even before apps were on the iPhone. Listeners used to download the mp3 files to their computers and copy them manually to their device.

A lot has changed since then, but we continue to release new, high-quality episodes every week. Currently, we produce three different programs: Christ the Center, Proclaiming Christ, and Theology Simply Profound. Take a look at these curated collections we’ve put together just for you.

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Biblical & Systematic Theology

One of our core distinctives is our approach to biblical and systematic theology. Here are several episodes that demonstrate how we address these matters across a range of topics:

Church History

Church history is an essential course of study for the Christian theologian. Without it, we lose sight of our rich heritage and fail to learn the hard-won lessons of the past. Listen to these excellent conversations regarding theologians from the early church to the twentieth century.

Special Series

Each week we move from topic to topic. But once in a while we take the time for a deep dive in a series. Here are some extended series we have produced.