Issues in Systematic Theology

Jeff Waddington and Camden Bucey speak about various contemporary issues in systematic theology. The conversation centers mainly on union with Christ and the salvific benefits that flow from that union. The subject has been significant throughout the history of the…

Perspectives on the Sabbath

Chris Donato joins the panel to speak about various views on the Sabbath. Mr. Donato has editing the book Perspectives on the Sabbath: 4 Views published by Broadman and Holman Publishers. Skip MacCarty (Andrews University) defends the Seventh-day view which argues the…

Preaching the Fullness of Christ

The relationship of justification and sanctification has returned to the forefront of several Twitter and blog circles. William B. Evans rekindled the discussion with a response to Tullian Tchividjian’s formulation of justification, which seems at times to be an aversion to sanctification.…

The Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dr. Carl Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, returns to Christ the Center to speak about the republication of his book The Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Dr. Trueman speaks about the abiding significance…

The Pastors College and the Philosophy of Hume

We speak with Nathan Sasser, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs at the Pastors College for Sovereign Grace Ministries and PhD student in philosophy at the University of South Carolina. Nathan describes the format and goals of the Pastors College, as…
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Redeeming Sociology

Christ the Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Vern Poythress back to the program to discuss his latest book Redeeming Sociology. The title alone may leave some people wondering why it was written by a professor of New Testament interpretation.…


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