Robinson - The Church of God

The Church of God as an Essential Element of the Gospel

From WTSBooks.com: For most readers, holding this new edition of The Church of God represents their first encounter with Stuart Robinson. By comparison, the major contributors to the ongoing discussion of Presbyterianism are readily recognized: the cornerstone Calvin, the Socratic…

Revjw’s Book Corner: Hoffecker on Hodge

In this 200th year of Princeton Theological Seminary, it seems appropriate to read the latest biography of Charles Hodge penned by Andrew Hoffecker. Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton is also the latest entry in the American Reformed Biographies series published…
PCRT 2012

The Gospel and its Implications

Camden Bucey, Jonathan Brack, and Dan Adams speak about the gospel from the steps of the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church. Reformed Forum was delighted to be invited to the annual Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, which is organized by the…
Greek Intervarsity

Transform the Greek System, Transform the World?

I recently came across a promotional poster for Greek Intervarsity, a part of the well-known Intervarsity Christian Fellowship campus ministry. As a fraternity member myself, I appreciate the focus of this organization greatly. I would have benefited from a Christian influence “on the…

The Benefits of Salvation

The gospel is first and foremost the good news about the resurrected Christ. Through union with the resurrected Christ believers receive justification, adoption, sanctification, and all other benefits which either flow from or accompany them. In this video, Dr. Lane…
Letters from the Front

Machen’s Letters from WWI

I just received a copy of Barry Waugh’s new book of Machen letters. Letters from the Front: J. Gresham Machen’s Correspondence from World War I (P&R Publishing) looks to be a fascinating collection of letters Machen wrote while serving with the YMCA…

More Vossians and Neo-Calvinists Together?

Hart’s response to Jim Cassidy’s excellent post that addresses the consistency of Vos/Van Til/Kline has fueled some brief thoughts that I hope are helpful in clarifying some of the issues. Hart begins by stating, I have puzzled often about the…

Counseling, Medication, and Common Grace

The relationship of Christianity to various forms of counseling has been a turbulent subject in recent decades. With the advancement of medicinal science and the proliferation of different disease and therapy conceptual frameworks, a wide variety of challenging questions have…
Fred Zaspel - Warfield on the Christian Life

Warfield on the Christian Life: Living in Light of the Gospel

Publisher’s Description: B.B. Warfield is well-known as one of America’s leading theologians, perhaps second only to Jonathan Edwards. But until now the character of his own Christian experience and his understanding of the Christian life have remained unexplored. Fred Zaspel unpacks…
Solid Ground

The Word of God and Inerrancy

Gabe Fluhrer joins the panel to speak about inerrancy. The subject continues to be an issue of perennial importance. Gabe has edited a wonderful book on the subject with contributions from many well-recognized scholars and pastors. The contributions are taken…


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