Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

In this episode, Jared Oliphint speaks with Owen Strachan, the Executive Director for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The council exists, “to set forth the teachings of the Bible about the complementary differences between men and women, created…
Desiring the Kingdom

Desiring the Kingdom

Daniel Schrock reviews Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation by James K. A. Smith. In this first book of what is planned as a three-book set, Smith describes the liturgical structures that influence and shape our thoughts and affections. For…
Westminster Library

Preparing for Seminary

On today’s episode we talk about what kind of preparation is helpful for someone thinking about seminary; which college majors are most helpful, what kind of readings lists should someone be looking at, what to look for in professors, and…
Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 2:18-24 – The Royal Wedding

On today’s episode we discuss Genesis 2:18–24. We begin today’s discussion by finishing up talking about the two trees in the garden from our previous episode and then we discuss the creation of woman. We consider how it was “not…
Classical Christian Doctrine

Classical Christian Doctrine

Jason Pickard reviews Classical Christian Doctrine: Introducing the Essentials of the Ancient Faith by Ronald E. Heine and published by Baker Academic. Download Participants: Camden Bucey, Jason Pickard
Vatican II

Vatican II Inclusivism

How can Catholic theologians seemingly contradict the official teaching of the Catholic Church? Many commentators believe that, in a recent homily, Pope Francis did just that. While the Vatican has since “clarified” his remarks, the question remains for many other…

The Enemy Within

In the fifth episode of Faith of our Fathers, Jonathan Brack and Charles Williams provide an introductory overview to early church heresies, pointing both to the appeals they make, and the cruelties they pose. Download Participants: Charles Williams, Jonathan Brack
God is a Communicative Being

God Is a Communicative Being: Divine Communicativeness and Harmony in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards

In this episode, Jeff Waddington covers God Is a Communicative Being: Divine Communicativeness and Harmony in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards by William M. Schweitzer and published by T&T Clark. The book explores Edwards’s statement, “The great and universal end of…
Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 2 – The Covenant of Works

On Today’s episode we discuss Genesis 2 broadly and the covenant God made with Adam. We consider objections to and reasons for saying that Adam was in a covenant. We discuss the nature of this covenant. We also consider how…

Typology and Jehoiachin

We welcome Matthew Patton to the program to speak about the nature and use of typology using Jehoiachin as an extended example. Mr. Patton is Visiting Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and a PhD candidate in Old…


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