Reformed Catholicity

Reformed Catholicity

Michael Allen and Scott Swain discuss whether Christians and churches can be both catholic and Reformed. In their book Reformed Catholicity: The Promise of Retrieval for Theology and Biblical Interpretation (Baker Academic), Allen and Swain suggest Reformed Christians can commit not only to…
Bavinck Reading

Bavinck and Barth on Revelation

Bavinck in the first volume of his Reformed Dogmatics is very clear about revelation becoming nature. God reveals himself in, by, and with nature. Bavinck is clear that revelation is not “abstractly supernatural,” somehow floating above and apart from nature (442). Here the…
B.B. Warfield

The Need to Remember Warfield

On December 24, 1920 Benjamin B. Warfield fell ill after being struck with angina pectoris. He died on February 16, 1921. Why should we pause to remember a Princeton theologian who has been with the Lord for almost one hundred years?…

The Hard Problem of Consciousness

Consciousness and personality are perennial topics of conversation among philosophers. But that doesn’t mean they’re topics only for the academy. These subjects touch each of us deeply, because they are at the very heart of our existence. That’s why they live in high culture, low…
Immanuel Kant

Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up? Part 3

Kant’s Copernican Revolution might have been better described as a theological warhead aimed directly at theology. The immediate epistemological carnage caused by Kantian Transcendentalism can be witnessed initially in Schleiermacher’s theology of Gefühl (feeling). After all, Kant had rendered any…
Genesis 6

The Sons of God and Daughters of Man in Genesis 6

Throughout history, Genesis 6 has puzzled Bible interpreters. Who are the sons of God? Are they human royalty? Angelic beings? Demons? And who are the daughters of men? Did the union of these two produce demigod offspring who would plague the land? Rita…
Selected Shorter Writings of Benjamin Palmer

Review: Selected Writings of Benjamin Morgan Palmer

C. N. Willborn and Caleb Cangelosi, eds., Selected Writings of Benjamin Morgan Palmer: Articles Written for the Southwestern Presbyterian in the Years 1869–1870, Carlisle: Banner of Truth Trust, 2014, cloth, 205 pages. The 1902 General Assembly of the PCUS convened…
Earth from Space

The Omnipresent God

The Holy Scriptures proclaim that heaven and earth cannot contain God (1 Kings 8:27), but he also fills heaven and earth with his presence (Jer 23:23–24). Acts 17:28 even says that “in him [God] we live and move and have…
Cornelius Van Til

Van Til’s Concrete Universal

Laurence O’Donnell, III, a Cornelius Van Til scholar and critic, has labeled Van Til’s trinitarian theology “idiosyncratic.” He made this remark with respect to Van Til’s conception of the trinity as a concrete universal. In response to O’Donnell’s ascription of idiosyncrasy,…
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up? Part 2

In our last post we concluded that juxtaposing Bonhoeffer against himself might not be the most useful way to determine whether the man was a pietistic evangelical or a German liberal. So, how do we sally forth from what some…


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