What is “Theology Simply Profound”?

Welcome to Theology Simply Profound: a Podcast of Westminster Presbyterian Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving the western suburbs of Chicago. Theology Simply Profound is where simple Christians discuss the profound things of God. On episode 003, your hosts Rob…
Church Pews

The Order of Worship

Glen Clary walks us through a Reformed order of worship, explaining the Biblical precedent and rationale for elements such as the call to worship, invocation, different types of prayer, and the benediction along with the administration of Word and sacrament.…
Karl Barth

God After God: Jenson After Barth, Part #2

I stated my basic contention in the last post. It was simply this, Robert Jenson, adopting Barth’s theological notion of time and eternity and taking that understanding to its logical conclusion, has laid the theological groundwork for the destruction of…
Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 4:16–22 — Two Civilizations

Today we discuss the genealogy found in Genesis 4:16–22. In it, we see the realization that God will put enmity between the two lines mentioned in Genesis 3:15 and how those two lines will develop two antithetical forms of civilization.…
The Tabernacle

The Message of Leviticus

Leviticus is a book about death, which may be why many people neglect to read it regularly. Yet the book teaches many important lessons about God’s holiness and the punishment for sin. Rev. Dr. David Graves takes us to this important…
Hunsinger, Reading Barth with Charity

God After God: Jenson After Barth, Part #1

When Karl Barth was once asked to comment on the reception of his theology in America, he noted that a bright young American scholar named Robert Jenson had rightly grasped and interpreted his dialectical theology.[1] Carl E. Braaten, Jenson’s long…
Shannon, Shalom and the Ethics of Belief

Wolterstorff’s Theory of Situated Rationality

Dr. Nathan Shannon, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Torch Trinity Graduate University in Seoul, Korea, talks with us about his new book, Shalom and the Ethics of Belief: Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Theory of Situated Rationality. Dr. Shannon is joined by Nathan…

The Regulative Principle of Worship

Glen Clary, pastor of Providence OPC in Pflugerville, TX, explains the origins, use, and wisdom of the regulative principle of worship. The Reformed understanding of this principle states that only those elements that are commanded in Scripture or which can be deduced…

The Resurrection as Somatic Transformation

Now, if there be a somatic resurrection, we can not otherwise conceive of it than as a somatic transformation. There is not a simple return of what was lost in death; the organism returned is returned endowed and equipped with…
Hunsinger, Reading Barth with Charity

[Review] Reading Barth with Charity: A Hermeneutic Proposal by George Hunsinger

The doctrine of election is the sum of the Gospel because of all words that can be said or heard it is the best. CD II/1, 3 In a recent review of George Hunsinger’s “Reading Barth with Charity: A Hermeneutical…


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