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Workflow Tips and Tricks for Ministry and the Academy

Each of us uses multiple tools each day as part of a variety of workflows that help us accomplish tasks throughout the day. We dive into the workflow tips and tricks to share several of our favorites for reading, writing,…
Prayer HandsBrian A. Jackson">

The Eternal Fruitfulness of Transformational Prayers

Take note of the astonishing nature of what Jesus promised his disciples, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. By this my Father is glorified, that…
Robert Jenson

God After God: Jenson After Barth, Part #7

Perhaps you will remember from the last post, according to Jenson, Israel’s hope, as well as our own, is for participation in God’s own reality, which is nothing less than deification.[1] Working this idea out, Jenson asks, can God as…

God’s Maximal Truth

May the day come, and come soon, when American fundamentalists will stop being content with the minimum of God’s truth and start proclaiming the maximum. —Ned B. Stonehouse, “Stars or a Team?” (1947)

The Eschatological Aspect of the Pauline Conception of the Spirit

We welcome Dr. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. and Dr. Lane G. Tipton to speak about Geerhardus Vos’s seminal article, “The Eschatological Aspect of the Pauline Conception of the Spirit,” which is found in Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation: The Shorter Writings of…

Pneumatology and Adam

Lane Tipton delivers the first of his two plenary addresses at our 2015 Theology Conference at Hope OPC in Grayslake, Illinois.


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