Geerhardus Vos

Vos on the Connection between Word and Sacrament

Reformed theologians have regularly underscored the relationship between Word and sacraments. The sacraments are appended to the Word for the purpose of confirming or sealing it. The sacraments do not exist independently of the Word. It’s the Word that throws…

Dispensationalism – Part 5

In episode 27, your hosts Rob and Bob, pick up the discussion of Dispensationalism. In picking up our discussion of Dispensational Theology once again, we discuss the fourth dispensation known as “The Dispensation of Promise.” What is the Dispensation of Promise? How does it…
Poythress, Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God

Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God

Jeff Waddington and Camden Bucey speak with Dr. Vern Poythress about his book Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God: A Handbook for Biblical Interpretation. Providing both theological foundations and practical strategies for interpretation, Dr. Poythress explains the simple…


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