Reading the Bible as Literature (2)

Last week we began a series on reading the Bible as literature. In our first article we summarized and gave some examples of a literary approach to Scripture. In this installment we’ll address some possible concerns with this method, especially as it relates…
Genesis 6

Genesis 10 — The Table of Nations

In this episode we discuss the canonical, biblical theological, and historical significance of the genealogy of Genesis 10. We also discuss the challenges and problems of how to preach genealogical passages. Download Participants: Adam York, Mark A. Winder, Mark Jenkins,…
Paul at the Areopagus

Pentecost and Missions

The book of Acts is filled with stories of missionary exploits that can excite us to bold acts of faith. But at times it can unfortunately become a heavy club to strike the sheep for their lack of zeal for the…
TSP Episode 038

The Olivet Discourse

Episode 38 deals with Jesus’ teachings to his disciples in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 commonly called the Olivet Discourse. Your hosts, Rob and Bob, following up on their series considering Dispensationalism and jump right into a familiar, but often times…
A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament

A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament

Dr. Michael J. Kruger speaks with us about A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament. This volume introduces each New Testament book in the context of the whole canon of Scripture, helping a wide range of readers with a rich, redemptive-historical guide to…
Bible, pen, and glasses

Reading the Bible as Literature (1)

Introduction At the beginning of every school year, my Literature teacher would give each student an index card to write down the works of literature we read that year. The first entry was always: “The Bible.” This was not only…

The Lord’s Supper: Calvin and the Belgic Confession Keeping it Simple

The Lord’s Supper is a profound mystery, and yet it’s so simple that anyone who has taken a bite of food and a gulp of water can understand it. Some may be skeptical of this claim since this doctrine has caused…

Dispensationalism – Part 13

In episode 37, your hosts Rob and Bob bring their discussion of Dispensational Theology to a close. In this closing episode, we discuss the Dispensation of the Kingdom again. This time in order to understand what life in the dispensational…
Moses and the Law

The Mosaic Covenant as a Republication of the Adamic Covenant

Lane Tipton speaks about the report of the Committee to Study Republication of the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The report describes the impetus of the committee’s work: The 81st General Assembly, in response to an overture from…
Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom

Enjoying the New Creation

Introduction Isaiah 65:17ff is a wonderful picture of the future restoration of God’s people. It’s a passage that demonstrates the greatness of the blessings that come to God’s people from his bountiful hand. It’s an even greater picture once we…


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