2018 Theology Conference Reading List

We have compiled a list of suggested reading to help those coming to the 2018 Theology Conference. We realize people like have neither the time nor financial budget to work through each of these titles in advance of the conference. Nonetheless, even a first-level reading of a few of these resources will help attendees make the most out of the conference. One of the things we love most about our events is the personal interaction. Working through the issues together is what makes the Reformed Forum community so special. Study and contemplate the deep mysteries of the God-man relationship and the future consummation. In October, let’s take the discussion to the next level.

Primary Sources

General Reading on the Beatific Vision

Thomas Aquinas

Karl Barth

Catholicism and Protestantism

* Check back for updates.

Aaron Sanford

2 years ago

….totally just noticed this, lol

Steve W Prost

2 years ago

K Scott Oliphint is significantly featured here last year on Aquinas, publishes a book very critically warning on Aquinas, and you have a long list of books silent on it. Seems to me awkward to, if you are going to disagree with his take, not to at least explain reasons why he is being left out and to address his main points that I happen to find cogent or at least critical to the contemporary Reformed conversation.

Camden Bucey

2 years ago

I enjoyed Dr. Oliphint’s book. The books we included are dealing more specifically with the beatific vision. There are many other books we would recommend on Thomas’s theology and philosophy, generally speaking.

Lane G. Tipton

2 years ago

Benji Swinburnson, an OPC minister, has written a very positive review of Dr. Oliphint’s book that can be found in a forthcoming issue of New Horizons, a publication of the Orthodox Presbyterian church.

I have shared personally with Dr. Oliphint my deep appreciation for the way he takes on Thomism and seeks to lay bare its theological failures. To follow Thomas consistently leads directly away from the reformation. Dr. Oliphint should be commended for demonstrating many of the deep structural problems with Thomas’ Roman Catholic theological system of nature-grace dualism.

Jason Kirklin

2 years ago

What are the relevant sections of ST?


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