Covenantal Apologetics Colloquium: Abstracts and Program

We are pleased to announce the paper selections and program for the Covenantal Apologetics Colloquium, which will be held online on Saturday, December 5th, at 7pm (eastern). We’ll be streaming the event live through Google Hangouts On Air. “Westminster Confession of…
Paul at the Areopagus

Prelude to a Colloquium: The Merits of Covenantal Apologetics

Looking forward to the Covenantal Apologetics Colloquium, I thought I might share some reflections on the uniqueness of Covenantal Apologetics (CA) and, in that sense, on what makes it worthy of special attention. I won’t here offer a detailed definition…

On the Nature and Possibility of So-Called Natural Theology: Comments on Swain’s Theses

Introduction The following is a response to Scott Swain’s post at Reformation21, “Theses on Natural Theology.” But it is more than that. I take the opportunity, in interaction with Swain, to advance the discussion. I want to emphasize that, while…
Chan, Grassroots Asian Theology

Demo-Theologies: Points of Unease

Introduction To say that the history of the Western church and in particular of its theologizing has been specifically Western or White European theologizing is to state something obvious, and if so probably insignificant, but also potentially misleading. But it…
Greek Manuscript

Redemptive History and the Attributes of Scripture

Nature and Scripture, or general and special revelation, are a unit. By the Lord’s design, they are mutually informative. Accordingly, one’s conceptions of the purpose and significance of Scripture imply correlative conceptions of the purpose and significance nature. That is,…

Debating Baptism and Ecclesiology

I wrote an essay recently posted at Reformed Forum, called “Ecclesiology and Redemptive History . . . Oh and Baptism.” As I explain in the introduction to that piece, my principle interest is ecclesiology. My approach in the essay is…

Ecclesiology and Redemptive History . . . Oh and Baptism

My initial thought was to put briefly into writing a few introductory comments toward a redemptive historical response to a purified ecclesiology—positively stated, to articulate the starting point for an ecclesiology rooted in a redemptive-historical (Vosian) understanding of biblical revelation.…

Christianity and the Rules of Reason

Download the e-book (.epub) version of this essay. PART I. God and Logic: Two Popular Proposals “God and logic” is a popular topic these days, and it certainly deserves the attention. From what I’ve seen, approaches to this topic fall…

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