Take a Breather-2

Scripture: The Speech of God

The more I read orthodox theology, the more apparent it becomes that a fundamental tenet of Christian belief is either embraced or ignored (to various degrees) by any given author. For me, this choice or tendency on the part of…

The Heart of Trinitarian Heresy

All heresies with respect to the Trinity may be reduced to the one great heresy of mixing the eternal and the temporal. — Cornelius Van Til Cornelius Van Til cut through the densest theological controversies like a hot knife through…
John Updike

After the Artist: A Sobering Prophecy

“Priest, teacher, artist—the classic degeneration.” John Updike’s apothegm has been used by several theologians to describe the era of post-modernity. Kevin Vanhoozer, for example, echoes him by claiming that our culture has moved from priest to teacher to artist. We…
Greek Manuscript

Literal, Metaphorical, or Neither?

The Bible is brimming with metaphors and analogies. The sun is like a strong man running through the sky (Ps 19:5); men are like grass and their glory like the flowers of the field (1 Pet 1:24); the kingdom of…

A Kingdom of Listeners

“Oh, that my people would listen to me” (Ps 81:13). Genesis 1–3 is riddled with mysteries, the pursuit of which, some argue, does more harm than good. For instance, it is puzzling how and why a malicious and crafty serpent…

Using Bavinck to Read Shakespeare: What’s in a Name?

In the second act of scene two in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we encounter a punchy line that’s held readers’ attention for centuries. Frustrated because her lover carries the name of her family’s rival, Juliet voices her complaint, What’s in…
Computer Screen

What You See Is NOT What You Get: The Word of God and Screen Technology

Pierce Hibbs introduces Christian media theory by exploring how the Word of God speaks to screen technology and its effects on human cognition.

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