Worldviews Collide: The Unapologetic Apologetic of Abraham Kuyper

The year nineteen hundred and ninety-eight saw the 100th anniversary of the Dutch theologian-statesman Abraham Kuyper’s presentation of his justly famous Stone Lectures on Calvinism at Princeton Theological Seminary. In that series of six lectures, Kuyper strove to demonstrate that…


Augustine is the most influential theologian in the Western church. His works have become the foundation for much of the Western church’s thinking. Join us as we sit down for a discussion of this immense figure in church history. Download…
Cornelius Van Til

Van Til and Barth

The group continues their discussion of Cornelius Van Til by examining Van Til’s critique of the theology of Karl Barth. Van Til’s two books The New Modernism and Christianity and Barthianism were extremely influential in developing an understanding of Barth…

Cornelius Van Til

Cornelius Van Til (1895–1987) developed a unique approach to apologetics which stemmed from a solid foundation in reformed theology and a background in Idealist philosophy. His method has been called presuppositionalism, transcendental and covenantal. Many recent theologians have been influenced…


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