The Riot in Ephesus

This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob discuss the riot that place in Ephesus. From Acts 19, we see the conflict between this present evil age and the age which is to come. Among other things, we talk about…


Reflecting on Acts 8:1–3, Rob and Bob discuss the scattering of the church after the death of Stephen. Download Participants: Rob McKenzie, Robert Tarullo

TGC17 Welcome and Luther on the Christian Life

This week we’re at The Gospel Coalition 2017 Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re meeting many new people and telling them about our mission to assist the Church in her call to discipleship. With a host of new listeners, I wanted to…

The Church’s Prophetic Voice

The below is a historical preamble written by the session of South Austin Presbyterian Church which explains why the church has a voice to speak to both the state and the culture. It was attached to a correspondence to the…

The Things of Earth

Joe Rigney is Assistant Professor of Theology and Christian Worldview at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the author of The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts. In the book, Mr. Rigney seeks to help Christians…

Luther on the Christian Life

Dr. Carl Trueman joins us to speak about his book Luther on the Christian Life, in which he paints a portrait of Martin Luther through his historical context, theological system, and approach to the Christian life. Luther is often treated in a black-and-white…
The Biblical Counseling Movement

The Biblical Counseling Movement

Publisher’s Description What Is Biblical Counseling? In principle, Christians believe that knowing Jesus Christ is the original and abiding “cure of the soul.” But in practice, the church’s provision of personalized care and counsel has often been unthoughtful and unskillful.…
Blame it on the Brain

Blame it on the Brain

Listen to a lecture by Ed Welch entitled When People Go Insane. (Requires a free account at Westminster Theological Seminary). Publisher’s Description Depression Attention Deficit Disorder Alcoholism Homosexuality Research suggests that more and more behaviors are caused by brain function or dysfunction.…
Wire Rim Glasses ca. 2002

Seeing With New Eyes

Publisher’s Description “When our gaze awakens to the gaze of God, we have started to see. Seeing clearly, we can love well. Seeing with New Eyes is a collection of essays by noted CCEF counselor and apologist David Powlison, editor of The Journal of…
How People Changed

How People Change

Related Media Listen to a lecture by Tim Lane entitled What Does It Look Like to Change?. Requires a free account at Westminster Theological Seminary Publisher’s Description What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? If you’ve ever…

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