Dualities in Epistemology, Eschatology, and Citizenship

It is often helpful to employ distinctions in theological discussions. Other times, entire philosophical systems are based on two ultimate and opposing forces. In this episode, the panel parses through several theological distinctions—seeking to show when they may be considered…
Jonathan Edwards (vignette)

The Theology and Preaching of Jonathan Edwards

The Christ the Center panel discusses a forthcoming new podcast entitled East of Eden: Discussions in the Biblical and Systematic Theology of Jonathan Edwards, which should appear, Lord willing, this summer. The panel for this podcast will include Rev. Nick Batzig, Rev. David Filson,…

Culture and Eschatology

One of the most perplexing brands of eschatology is “transformational” eschatology. A broad-brush way to describe this view is that the eschaton or last days will be triggered once Christians (under the sovereignty of God) have progressively transformed the earth…
adam and eve

Two Kingdom Theology and God’s Covenantal Fiat – Part 2

“To identify the redemptive kingdom of the God…with the common causes of the city of man is profaning of the holy, a prostitution of the gospel, a diabolical repudiation of the atonement accomplished by Jesus Christ.” – M.G. Kline, Kingdom…


Christ the Center is pleased to welcome Kim Riddlebarger to the program to discuss amillennialism. Dr. Riddlebarger is senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California (www.christreformed.org), visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California, and co-host of…

Common Grace, Natural Law and Eschatology

This is part four of our series entitled Christ and Culture and marks the end of our first round. Bill Dennison, Darryl Hart, Doug Wilson and Nelson Kloosterman each speak about their views of common grace, natural law, and eschatology. This…

The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology

Did you know that last things come first? If that sounds confusing, then you are in for a treat as the Christ the Center panel interviews Dr. R. Fowler White and Dr. Keith Mathison, president and dean respectively, of the…
Eschatology of Adoption

The Eschatology of Adoption

Christ the Center had the honor to interview the newest faculty member of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Rev. Dr. David Garner, who also serves as the institution’s vice president of advancement, about the doctrine of adoption. Adoption, one of…
Westminster Assembly

The Eschatological Views of the Westminster Divines

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Jue, Associate Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Jue is an expert on the eschatological views of the Westminster Divines and his research is a very stimulating subject.…


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