Liberating Black Theology

Anthony Bradley discusses his book, Liberating Black Theology: The Bible and the Black Experience in America, which is a revised form of his dissertation he did while a PhD student at WTS. Dr. Bradley discusses Jeremiah Wright, James Cone, and concepts such as oppression and victimology that are key to understanding the black theology movement. We talk with Dr. Bradley about a Reformed understanding of race and ethnicity in the church.


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Liberating Black Theology « RearViewMirror

9 years ago

[…] re-working of his doctoral dissertation that he completed at Westminster Theological Seminary. The interview is very […]

Tim H.

9 years ago

Wow. This was really good. Thanks.


9 years ago

Interesting discussion. As is often the case when listening to your show I was led to add yet another book to my wishlist.


9 years ago

How can one Protestant say to another Protestant that their interpretation of scripture is wrong? If both are led by the spirit, how can they disagree? This is the biggest problem with Protestantism, and it is the problem that will keep Protestants from ever achieving unity on theology. Until the Reformation no one dared to read the bible and interpret it without appealing to the tradition of the Church. Read what the Church Fathers had to say about this: http://www.churchfathers.org/category/scripture-and-tradition/apostolic-tradition/


9 years ago

Good question Joe. I guess a follow question by parity of reason would be “How can one Pope say to another Pope that his interpretation of scripture is wrong?” example: Pope Honorius I. No one here wants to downplay the importance of tradition, but we understand tradition to be subservient to Scripture. This is why Peter can say that Scripture is “more sure” than his own experience of hearing the words “This is my Son” spoken by God himself on the Mount of Transfiguration. Also Paul rebuked the “first Pope” for straying from the proper understanding of circumcision, why? Not becasue Paul was ordering the proper tradition to follow. For neither circumcision nor uncircumcision count for anything. Instead Paul appealed to the “truth of the gospel” over against the actions of Peter. I hope that begins to help you with trying to understand our stance on your question.

Liberating Black Theology | Foedus Theologus

9 years ago

[…] introduce african americans to reformed theology. It is a very good podcast, and I encourage you to listen to it. I plan to read Dr. Bradley’s book in the near future and hope to write a blog post […]


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