These Last Days

Richard D. Phillips and Gabriel Fluhrer visit to discuss their latest book These Last Days: A Christian View of History. Last year, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals hosted a series of conferences exploring a Christian view of history. Many of the conference addresses have been compiled into this great book.


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"lee n. field"

9 years ago

I wasn’t going to get the book, because I bought the audio when it was fresh. But, listening to this, I think I will get the book. There’s things there that aren’t in what I have.

And, I’ve got two more readings of Pauline Eschatology before it changes my life. :-). It was on my list to re-read anyway.

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

The Pauline Eschatology is a great book, but it takes effort to get through it and understand it well. Put the time in, you won’t regret it!

Tim H.

9 years ago

Can the Reformed Forum add a show called “Theology Hour with Rick Phillips, please?

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

That would be a fun one, wouldn’t it?

Daniel Doleys

9 years ago

Another awesome episode guys. But are you sure Carson is amill. I have never heard him discuss his specific millennial views in class, but as a prof at TEDS I think he is required to affirm pre-mill. But there may be some exceptions allowed that I am unaware of. He is definitely not dispensational though.


9 years ago

My understanding is Carson is historic premill.

Tim H.

9 years ago

Got my copy today. Thanks for the tip!

John Holmes

9 years ago

Richard Phillips, is saying postmillinialism is wrong because we are in the ” evil age”, and we should not think the gospel can transform culture or institutions”? The end of Matthew does not seem to agree with that position, disciple the nations but don’t think they will listen!. Neither would Jonathan Edwards, he seems to be saying Amill is the only orthodox option, that is to far, and silly.

Why don’t you bring him back and let him and Kenneth Gentry, lay out there positions and let him who exegetes the best wins. The Kingdom invades the present evil age, parable of leaven, etc. This almost sounds like this age is controlled by satan, instead of the ressurected Christ, this sounds fundamentalist in its leaning. An eschatology of defeat is not the reformed view is it?

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