The Ethics of Bankruptcy

Dr. David Skeel, professor of corporate law at UPenn, discusses Christians in legal studies in addition to the ethics of bankruptcy.

David Skeel is the S. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law at University of Pennsylvania Law School and the author of The New Financial Deal: Understanding the Dodd-Frank Act and Its (Unintended) Consequences (Wiley, 2010), Icarus in the Boardroom (Oxford, 2005), and Debt’s Dominion: A History of Bankruptcy Law in America (Princeton, 2001), as well as numerous articles and other publications.

He has been interviewed on The News Hour, Nightline, Chris Matthews’ Hardball (MSNBC), National Public Radio, and Marketplace, among others, and has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and other newspapers and magazines. Skeel has twice received the Harvey Levin award for outstanding teaching, as selected by a vote of the graduating class, and has also received the University’s Lindback Award for distinguished teaching.

In addition to bankruptcy and corporate law, Skeel also writes on sovereign debt, Christianity and law, and poetry and the law, and is an elder at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.

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Steve in Toronto

9 years ago

Terrific show has your guest ever considered the relationship between Biblical and legal hermeneutics? It seems to me that the rise of “liberal/activist” legal theory on the bench tracks very closely with the decline of traditional hermeneutics in the mainline protestant denominations. I would also be curious if he has considered the link between the “living constitution theory and the more flexible / imaginative hermeneutics of the Jewish Midrash.

Bob Lewis

9 years ago

Outstanding show…one of the most stimulating in quite some time…and I have been listening almost from the beginning. I seldom make comment or observation, but want to comment y’all for the show. It has been a total blessing to watch it develop.

Continue the good work while keeping tough, tender, and teachable for Jesus’ sake and the kingdom’s advance

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

Thanks Bob. It was our usual thing, but I thought it turned out excellently. Dr. Skeel was great.


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