Edwards on the Infinite Merit of Christ

Dr. Craig Biehl shares his work on Jonathan Edwards’ views pertaining to Christ’s merit. Biehl’s dissertation has been published as a book titled The Infinite Merit of Christ: The Glory of Christ’s Obedience in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards. Biehl and Jeff Waddington speak of the current state of Edwards scholarship and the need for a thorough analysis of Edwards own writings as opposed to studies treating primarily the secondary literature. What a thorough-going study yields is Edwards’s covenant theology and rich understanding of Christ’s work for his people.

As an added bonus toward the end of the episode, Dr. Biehl discusses a short booklet titled What’s in the Box?: The Unreasonable Faith of Atheism and Agnosticism.

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9 years ago

Great episode – where can I get Dr. Biehl’s booklet “What’s in the Box?” that you discussed at the end of the program?

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

Dr. Biehl is letting us post it. You can download it at http://reformedforum.wpengine.com/files/2011/06/biehl_whats_in_the_box.pdf

Camden Bucey

9 years ago


Jeff Waddington is checking with Craig to see how if someone can distribute it.

BJ Mora

9 years ago

Amazon lists the Edwards book as out of print, and I can’t find a Reformed Academic Press website that works. Any ideas?

BJ Mora

9 years ago

Ah, found it on the wtsbooks.com site…

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

Yeah, it’s out of print. WTS Books might be the last remaining “new” copies. I believe Craig is looking for another publisher, but I haven’t heard any details about his progress.

Chris Schroeder

4 years ago

Chapter 2 of this book seems very relevant to the current debates on the Trinity. Maybe you, Jeff & Nick (& Craig) could bring some Edwards into the discussions? Check esp. the bottom half of pp 58 & 62 (and works cited in footnotes). Thanks.

Tim Holder

1 year ago

The link does not work for biehl_whats_in_the_box.pdf



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