Anthony Burgess on the Law

We welcome Rev. Dr. Steve Casselli to speak about Anthony Burgess on the law. Rev. Casselli is pastor of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tampa, FL. Steve worked in campus ministry at the University of Michigan and served as pastoral intern at Park Cities Presbyterian, Dallas, Texas and Bucks Central Presbyterian in Pennsylvania. Rev. Casselli graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia with a PhD in 2007. His dissertation, titled Anthony Burgess’ “Vindiciae Legis” and the “Fable of Unprofitable Scholasticism:” A case study in the reappraisal of seventeenth century Reformed Scholasticism, is planned to be published by Reformation Heritage Books.


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John C

5 years ago

I sat under Dr. Casselli at Holy Trinity for 5 years! What a surprise this was!

Benjamin P. Glaser

5 years ago

Excellent interview. Though an offhand comment on using theological buzzwords in the pulpit made by one of the speakers (I couldn’t tell if it was Rev. Caselli or Rev. Jones) was probably the most important lesson to take from this.


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