Johannes Oecolampadius

Dr. Diane Poythress joins us to speak about the important reformer of Basel, Johannes Oecolampadius. Though Oecolampadius’ influence was extraordinary, many English-speaking historians and theologians are not familiar with his life and work. Dr. Poythress introduces us to Oecolampadius and his great significance for the present day. Dr. Poythress’ dissertation, “Johannes Oecolampadius’ Exposition of Isaiah, Chapters 36–37,” is one of the only lengthy treatments of Oecolampadius in English. She has also written an excellent book on him titled, Reformer of Basel: The Life, Thought, and Influence of Johannes Oecolampadius, published by Reformation Heritage Books.

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Mark G

7 years ago

Fascinating program. It makes me wonder how much research on the early reformers is out there remaining to be investigated and/or translated into English.

I found the following which may be of interest for further reading:


There is a brief biography in the appendix.

Five More Talents

7 years ago

That is a great find, Mark.

Richard Bush

7 years ago

This was a wonderful interview. I really appreciate the work that Dr. Poythress had done. We can only hope more work will be done on this reformer.

Five More Talents

7 years ago

This really was a fantastic episode. It has inspired me to use the Post-Reformation Digital Library to dig up some of the old Latin manuscripts of Oecolampadius.


6 years ago

I’m glad the link was tweeted today- had not seen the book nor heard the podcast. So, thanks!

Mark Bryan

10 months ago

Since listening to this episode and reading Dr. Poythress book, I have found:
Sermons on the First Epistle of John: (A Handbook for the Christian Life) translated by Timothy Matthew Slemmons
An Exposition of Genesis (Biblical Series) by Johann Oecolampadius translated by Mickey L. Mattox.

Is there any comment on the quality of these editions?

Daniel Birks

7 months ago

I was interested in reading Oecolampadius’ “De genuina verborum Domini: Hoc est corpus meum”, his treatise on the Lord’s Supper (published in 1525

Is there an English or German translation available of the Latin text? I’ve tried locating one, but so far I haven’t had any luck. Thank you.



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