The History of Calvinism

Darryl G. Hart returns to the program to speak about the history of Calvinism from his new book, Calvinism: A History. The episode gives a taste of the book, the genesis and spread of Calvinism from Geneva, through England and the Netherlands, to the West and East sides of the world.

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chris hutchinson

6 years ago

One minor terminology correction… the UCC did not exist until the 1950s when the (German) Evangelical & Reformed denomination merged with the Congregational Christian churches. Thus, four different branches, 2 of which had a Reformed heritage (German Reformed & Congregational), eventually made up the UCC. And the German Evangelical denomination also had some reformed influence since it was largely made up of “union” churches of German Lutherans and German Reformed people. The fourth branch, the Christian churches, were congregations which were originally part of the Restorationist movement. There is also a pretty strong Hungarian Reformed contingent which is part of the UCC. The UCC is largely liberal, but does have conservative pockets remaining within it. It’s a weird animal.


6 years ago

What happened to Scotland?



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