Lyrical Theology: Doxology

Today we welcome to the program hip-hop recording artist Shai Linne to speak about his brand new album Lyrical Theology: Doxology, part two of a three-part hip-hop album series. Shai’s album is based on the conviction that all thinking about God should lead to worship of him. Our discussion covers cultural engagement and contextualization, with Shai’s music as a prime example, as well as the theology that underlies this album and Shai’s other albums.

Shai Linne is a hip-hop artist with Lamp Mode Recordings and a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. His album Lyrical Theology: Doxology can be found on iTunes and Amazon, and on Youtube, a music video of his track “Be Glorified (Psalm 55).”

Timothy Brindle is a student at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA, and his record label is Lamp Mode Recordings. We interviewed Timothy about his music in episode 300.

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6 years ago

This oughta be good. Goin with me in the car.

Preston L. Boone

6 years ago

This episode was such a pleasant surprise for me, as I have been blessed over the last several years by the ministry and artistry of Lamp Mode Recordings (and Humble Beast and mahy others). More recently I have been blessed by Reformed Forum and Christ the Center. This is an exciting follow-up to Episode #300!

I have LT2: Doxology in heavy rotation and have been happy to share it with other believers. I am also prayerfully considering offering some of the tracks to the leadership of my local church for use in Sunday morning worship service. (I am thinking here of ‘C.H.R.I.S.T.’, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, Come’, and ‘Our Treasure is Christ’ in particular.)

Thanks so much to God, and to his servants Shai, Camden, Tim, Wes Pendleton, and down the line.

Soli Deo Gloria!

P.S. (I am curious about the hymn, ‘To the Praise of His Grace’: Did Shai write the piano accompaniment as well?)

Michael Head

6 years ago

The student Sunday School class at our church began studying Lyrical Theology: Part 1 a month ago (after finishing Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress…seems like a good next step, eh?). I know the teachers of that class have downloaded this podcast, and I just put it on my daughter’s iPod so that she can get a little more background. Great interview. Keep up the great work at RF. His glorious grace is being praised!

I’m looking forward to teaching “You Alone Are God” to our children’s Sunday School department…the theology’s rich, catechetical, and the call-and-response is a great format!


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