Ecumenical and Inter-Church Relations

Mark Bube and Kurt Vetterli speak today about ecumenism and inter-church relations. Mark Bube, general secretary of foreign missions in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, plays an important part in the OPC’s ecumenism because the OPC collaborates with other NAPARC denominations in foreign missions, supporting the missionaries of other denominations and receiving support for their own missionaries. Kurt Vetterli is a pastor in Basel, Switzerland, in a reformed church connected to the OPC.



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3 years ago

It was disappointing (if not entirely surprising) to hear Bube dismiss practical/organizational union among confessionally Reformed denominations as unlikely this side of glory. It was even more disappointing to hear him embrace those who deny the efficacy of Christ’s atonement as fellow professing believers.

Scriptural ecumenicity militates against such negative prejudgment on the former issue, and requires a better grasp on what constitutes a gospel-profession in the latter case.
I realize Camden and Jeff weren’t in a position to publicly humiliate Bube by calling him out on these two things, but I hope they themselves know better.

Camden Bucey

3 years ago


For clarification, to whom do you refer when you speak of “those who deny the efficacy of Christ’s atonement”?



3 years ago

Camden, I’m referring to, for example, Arminians. Wesleyans are “wonderful Christian brothers and sisters”? Not according to their profession, they’re not. We can’t see the hearts of others. Rather, can only judge whether someone’s profession is according to the gospel or not. A Wesleyan profession is not in keeping with the truth as it is in Jesus. Those who profess the efficacy of Christ’s atonement must faithfully and lovingly (and bravely) acknowledge this.

Tim H.

3 years ago

What is the hope of ever getting a unified NAPARC church directory online? I’m not counting on all the member churches providing API access to their rolls, but if they could all submit a CSV file every year, it’d be easy enough to make a directory.

Shawn Anderson

3 years ago

NAPARC has a page that links to each denominational congregation directory. It can be found at:

Now what would be nice would be a map of all the NAPARC churches. Something like this:,-93.076172&spn=32.179363,79.013672&source=embed&dg=feature


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