Planting Reformed Churches

Today we speak with John Shaw, the General Secretary for Home Missions and Church Extension in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. This interview took place in the wake of the OPC’s annual Church Planter’s Conference, in Atlanta, GA. We discussed the biblical principles for planting distinctly Reformed, Confessional, and Presbyterian churches in America today.

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Andrew Moody

5 years ago

I really enjoyed this episode. I will add that there is a lot of further information on the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension website: http://www.CHMCE.org 🙂

Steven Menteer

5 years ago

Greetings brothers,

It sounds like it is the Presbytery which is planting churches. By this I mean, the Presbytery is the one identifying and sending men to new works. Is this a correct understanding?

Camden Bucey

5 years ago


There are several ways churches can be planted. It could be initiated from the denomination, the presbytery, or the local church. Different presbyteries have different preferences for oversight as well. Some often oversee the work of a church plant directly. The session of my church oversees a church plant nearby. Even though they receive support from the denomination and the presbytery—and to my knowledge the work was initiated by the latter—the presbytery saw fit for my church to oversee the work because of our proximity and ability to help.


5 years ago

Thanks for the audio! Here’s the book: http://opc.org/chm/chplant/



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