Vos Group #13 — Revelation in the Patriarchal Period, Part 2: The Angel of Jehovah

Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey speak about theophanies before turning  to pages 72–76 of Geerhardus Vos’s Biblical Theology to speak about the Angel of Jehovah, or the Angel of the Lord. The presence of the Angel punctuates epochal moments in covenant history, and his presence is critical during the patriarchal period. Camden’s article, “The Lord and His Messengers: Toward a Trinitarian Interpretation of Malachi 3:1–4,” which was mentioned during the program, was published in The Confessional Presbyterian, Volume 7 (2011).

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Tyler Cowden

5 years ago

Nice show! Helpful distinctions.

Question: how does the discussion early on here regarding theophanies which do not reveal or focus on personal distinctions in the godhead relate to Dr. Oliphint’s thesis of the centrality of divine condescension *in the Son* throughout redemptive history, a la his “old exegesis” of John 1? Thanks.

Deb Welch

5 years ago

Very helpful Podcast! I’ve been looking forward to this one (re: the Angel of the Lord) since the Vos Group started. Much gratitude for all of these discussions. Thanks!


4 weeks ago

I don’t see a link to the show.

Camden Bucey

4 weeks ago

It should be back up. Thanks for notifying us.

Micah Van Maanen

5 days ago

Thank you for this discussion, it was very helpful in understanding who the Angel of the Lord is!



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