Vos Group #24 — Redemption from Egypt, Part 3

We continue our #VosGroup series by opening pages 119–121 of Vos’ book Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to consider the Passover as an expiation for sin and its function in transferring God’s people to a new blessed realm.

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Glen Clary

4 years ago

Fantastic! Beautiful RH theology! This inspires me to write some more on what we learn about eucharistic theology from the Passover.

Sarah J. Nettels in Kansas City, MO

4 years ago

After listening to Reformed Forum programs for about a year, maybe i shouldn’t have to ask this, but: How did the Israelites exercise saving faith at the time of the Passover? Was it by trusting there would be a perfect Sacrifice someday that (Who) would perfectly cleanse them? By realizing the Passover lambs slaughtered weren’t able to truly cover their sins? I’m trying to put myself in their position, to understand what saving faith for them would have looked like…



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