Outreach and the Local Church

There are different ways to define “outreach.” At times, it is closely identified with the act of planting churches and evangelizing. Other times, it’s more closely identified with advertising and sharing information about the church. Everett Henes joins Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey to discuss the local church’s ministry of outreach. Rev. Henes is pastor of Hillsdale OPC in Hillsdale, Michigan. His church planting experience adds a new dimension to our conversation. Listen as we discuss different conceptions of outreach and methods for reaching the community through developing relationships and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Tom Chapman

4 years ago

Enjoyed the show very much. While I don’t like to differentiate between the “theological” and the “practical”, this was a helpful show to encourage us to think about how we reach out to the world around us. While I don’t remember exactly who said what, sorry, there were a couple of times it sounded like an either/or situation, either just preach and teach faithfully or be a typical church growth modeled church. Why not yes to the first and a little of the second? There is nothing wrong with directed outreach to the community or the neighborhood because that is where the people are – to be fishers of men, you have to go to where the fish are.
An example of what I have started doing as part of outreach is that I started a meetup group (meetup.com) in the area for the purpose of engaging atheists and other non-believers. We meet a couple of time a month and have a specific topic that we address from our respective worldviews. The only rules I have is that we must be cordial and respectful and to represent the other’s perspective accurately. We get people from all spectrums of unbelief and they appreciate that a Christian would host such a group. The fruit is the building of friendships, the presentation of the gospel on a regular basis, and perhaps putting a different face on Christianity from the one they might be accustomed to.
Meetup is a great resource either to create a group to create discussion specifically around the faith, or on any theme that is of interest that will draw others for the opportunity to generate relationships. Looking at local meetup groups for areas of interest is another option.
Thanks again for consistently excellent programming.

Glen Clary

4 years ago

Very helpful. Thanks, brothers!



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