The New Testament Foundations of Trinitarian Theology

Christians profess that God is triune. Many understand the importance of maintaining this doctrine. But many may also wonder where the doctrine is found in Scripture and what practical difference it makes being “Trinitarian” regardless.

Brandon Crowe joins us to remedy this ill as he speaks about The Essential Trinity: New Testament Foundations and Practical Relevance, a new book he has co-edited with Carl Trueman. The book includes many excellent contributors. We’re excited to welcome this book, and hope it has an impact upon the Church’s life and understanding of historic Christian orthodoxy.

Dr. Crowe is Associate Professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Jeff Downs

4 years ago

I am beginning to preach through the book of Mark. Is there anyway to get a copy of the chapter on Mark ahead of time? 🙂


4 years ago

Great show. My teenage daughter was in the background while I was listing to this episode. She said Jeff Waddington sounds like Ron Swanson from ‘Parks and Rec.’

Glen Clary

4 years ago

Jeff Waddington as Ron Swanson … ROFL. That’s great.



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