Cracking the Foundation of the New Perspective on Paul

Dr. Robert J. Cara speaks about his book, Cracking the Foundation of the New Perspective on Paul: Covenantal Nomism versus Reformed Covenantal Theology (Mentor, 2017), which is published in the Reformed Exegetical and Doctrinal Series. The New Perspective on Paul is broadly united on its view of the theology contained in Second Temple Jewish literature. Arguing that these documents do not contain a doctrine of works righteousness, Paul certainly cannot be arguing against such a view—quite simply because it didn’t exist.

Dr. Cara examines the Jewish sources and “cracks the foundation” of the NPP by demonstrating how they incorporate meritorious works and thus establish the traditional Protestant view of Paul and his doctrine of justification. Dr. Cara is Provost, Chief Academic Officer, and Hugh and Sallie Reaves Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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James Doeffinger Jr

1 year ago

No one on here seems to actually understand Semi-pelagianism or merit.

Phillip Burch

3 months ago

Thank you so much for this presentation. I am a pastor that has been an interim at a CREC church, and find myself seeing just how pervasive the new perspective has been accepted. I will definitely buy Dr. Cara’s book and benefit greatly from it.



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