The Life of E. J. Young

Danny Olinger speaks about the life of E. J. Young, long-time Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary. Davis Young has written a wonderful biography of his father, For Me to Live Is Christ: The Life of Edward J. Young, published by the Christian Education Committee of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Rev. Olinger serves as the General Secretary for the Committee.

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Ryan Noha

1 year ago

Brothers, I had an absolute blast listening to this podcast. It was such a blessing to learn more about the man behind such excellent OT scholarship. What a gifted and godly servant our Lord raised up for his church! I have just ordered my copy of the biography and can’t wait to dig in.

On a related note—Rev. Olinger, I have been glued to your biographical series on Geerhardus Vos in Ordained Servant. Is there any possibility that we will see this material published all together in book form?

My only issue with the podcast is that I may have to surrender my treasured copy of The Defense of the Faith! What will become of my family’s inheritance?


1 year ago

Great discussion. I enjoyed listening and learned a lot concerning this great scholar. It would be nice to hear discussions of the other founding fathers of the of WTS and the beginnings of the OPC.

Andrzej Stelmasiak

12 months ago

here are those articles from Carl Henry’s book : and thanks for doing this episode!


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