Karl Barth and the Incarnation

Jim Cassidy discusses Darren O. Sumner’s book, Karl Barth and the Incarnation: Christology and the Humility of God. Dr. Cassidy wrote a review article on the book in the Fall 2017 issue (Vol. 79, No. 2) of the Westminster Theological Journal.

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Sandro Plenta

8 months ago

It hurts, but I think I have to address the following facts about Karl Barth..

Now that it has been made public through the recent publishing of Bart’s private correspondence that he lived in bigamy, we should consider reviewing our assessment of his writings.
I guess you did not have the opportunity to read the latest revelations about his private life. See the serious NZZ newspaper article: https://www.nzz.ch/das_strengste_urteil_wider_mein_irdisches_leben-1.1415546

Having a wife and five children, he introduced his beloved secretary Charlotte von Kirschbaum (his Lollo) in his conjugal home and lived in bigamy. It is impossible that such a life in rebellion against God’s Spirit had no influence on his formulated theology. He may have been very smart and have made many theological connections through his intellectual capacity, but there is a great probability that his theological treaties are just his own opinions, but are far to reflect God’s truth as revealed to pious souls by the Holy Spirit.


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