Theophany: A Biblical Theology of God’s Appearing

Dr. Vern Poythress speaks with us about his book, Theophany: A Biblical Theology of God’s Appearing, published by Crossway. Each time God appears to his people throughout the Bible—in the form of a thunderstorm, a man, a warrior, a chariot, etc.—he comes to a specific person for a specific purpose. And each of these temporary appearances— called theophanies—helps us to better understand who he is, anticipating his climactic, permanent self-revelation in the incarnation of Christ.

Describing the various accounts of God’s visible presence from Genesis to Revelation, Dr. Poythress helps us consider more deeply what they reveal about who God is and how he dwells with us today.

We also spoke about the upcoming Westminster Conference on Science & Faith to be held April 6–7, 2018 at Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (see map). They will explore the relationship between theistic evolution and the Christian faith. Register at wcosaf.com.

Dr. Poythress is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

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Cris Dickason

2 years ago

Great observation, marvelous truth:
“You don’t have to become like God to have communion with him.”
Vern Poythress

Earl Maier

2 years ago

The point where Dr. Poythress bristles at the 53 minute mark was interesting in that if I am not mistaken he (Dr. Poythress) appears to insinuate we can know God in His divine essence. If so this is a basic mistake many people make (like John Frame) in thinking men can know God in His divine essence. James Dolezel points this out (so far as Professor Frame is concerned) and I think Dr. Poythress probably thinks the same way. This is a basic denial of the WCF 2:1 and how God is “incomprehensible”. The problem I believe is a misunderstanding of the archetype ectype distinction. Of course we cannot not know God in His divine essence and can only apprehend God through the media He provides and that “media” is NOT God, in His divine essence.


6 months ago

Please pass the following link on to Dr. Poythress:


Thank you.


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