The Theology of Ebenezer Erskine

We speak with Dr. Stephen G. Myers about Ebenezer Erskine and the important events of Presbyterian history with which he was involved.Dr. Myers is Professor of Historical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In his book, Scottish Federalism and Covenantalism in Transition: The Theology of Ebenezer Erskine, he touches upon many significant issues, including the Marrow Controversy, the relationship of law and grace, covenant theology, and church-state relations. In learning about this era of Presbyterian history, we come to understand how Erskine also serves to refine modern understandings of still controversial theological issues.

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Benjamin Glaser

12 months ago

Excellent discussion as always. Thank you for Dr. Myers clear testimony of the value of Ebenezer Erskine as well as bringing clarity to the concept of Covenant in State/Church relations and how the 17th and 18th century ideas of the roles of each under Christ is neither “theocracy” nor anything other than simple two-kingdom theology, rightly understood.

Looking forward to more in the future.

Anthony Castellitto

12 months ago

Covenant of Grace vs. Covenant of Redemption….. I’ve been on both sides church wise and have experienced the dangers of holding to the CoR including extra conditions placed on the believer to curb presumption and the deception of temporal/historical faith…. It was horrible…complete legalism, no grace, no faith and a congregation of folks who look down in judgment and suspicion on one another…. it was very unhealthy.

Anthony Castellitto

12 months ago

I told my wife, who was baptized and raised in the Netherlands Reformed Congregation, to listen to this from the 30 minute mark on…. NRC never really explained how they chose the wrong side of the Morrow Controversy (in holding to a 3rd, extra covenant of redemption) . If they did, and explained the historical context, everyone would leave their church…. very sad. OPC isn’t perfect, but NRC is void of Christ and Grace entirely. …. It is a faithless denomination, which is no fault of the members or even some of the officers, who were never taught the true Gospel of Christ.

Phil Pockras

10 months ago

Might be interesting to talk about Ebenezer Erskine’s conversion *after* his ordination. As well, to talk about his wife’s role in that, as well as Ralph’s role. The Holy Spirit used both of them to direct him to free grace in Christ.


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