Sabbath Rest in Genesis 2:1–3

The sabbath principle is established in Genesis 2:1–3, immediately upon the completion of God’s work of creation. This Sabbath rest principle is a function neither of redemption nor theocracy. It is part of God’s creation order. We trace this theme through Scripture with particular attention to worship. Glen Clary recently addressed this subject in a conference for the Amarillo Reformed Fellowship.

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Rich Barcellos

9 months ago

Good stuff. Thanks for your work! 1 Cor. 15:58

Patrick Harvey

9 months ago

Of all the great episodes I’ve heard on Christ the Center over the years, this might have been for me the most glorious, as it projected us to the very throne of God and unpacked what is really taking place when we worship here on earth. I highly recommend this episode be heard in conjunction with reading Pastor Clary’s chapter in “No Uncertain Sound” on Worship, Covenant & Eschatology (Ch 6). Thank you for your ministry!



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