The Creator-creature Distinction in the Hypostatic Union

In the incarnation, the eternal Son of God assumed a human nature. He did this without giving up his divinity. He retains his immutability, omniscience, omnipresence, and all the attributes according to his eternal, divine, and necessary existence.

In this episode, we discuss how these two natures relate to the person in the hypostatic union. By looking at Scripture, the Council of Chalcedon, and our confessional tradition, we review an orthodox grammar for speaking about these matters.

An error in the doctrine of God or Christology, however minor it may seem, will inevitably compound as other doctrines are developed. We should always seek to maintain confessional orthodoxy by reviewing the basics from which we never graduate.

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Ryan Cazan

10 months ago

Thank you for a great show, gentleman.

Dr. Waddington briefly commented on Owen’s articulation of Spirit’s role in the hypostatic union. I recently read that section in Owen’s: Pneumatologia (Book II; Chapter III). Without rehashing Owen’s whole argument, he seems to theologically root his position by appealing to the doctrine of inseparable operations, and by explicitly invoking the filioque clause. I personally find his line of argumention rather convincing.

I do have a question. Has anyone picked up on Owen’s argumentation and positively developed it further? I would appreciate any information you all could provide.

David Behar

10 months ago

Perhaps you can direct me to resources that address two aspects of this topic.
1) The theories of the origin of the soul and how they affect the jenga block of the incarnation.

2) How we are to understand the glorified nature of the Savior and especially how as it affects the mediatorial work. How are we to understand His mediation as we pray.

Thank you, I love your program!



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