All Israel Shall be Saved: Interpretations of Romans 11

Many different interpretations have been offered regarding the phrase “all Israel shall be saved” in Romans 11. In this episode, we speak about five different interpretations, focusing on the three that are represented in confessionally Reformed and Presbyterian Churches.


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4 weeks ago

Excellent show here guys.

Johnathan Allen

4 weeks ago


Thank you for a clarifying episode. I am finishing up my undergrad at Moody Bible Institute here in Chicago. This topic is a point of contention there.

I will say, though, you forgot to mention my dear elder’s book! Rob McKenzie’s “Identifying the Seed” being much more recent than Poythress’s book on the subject, should share good insight, too. Dispensationalism has developed a lot in the last 30 years.

Again, wonderful episode. I found it helpful to better clarify where I fall with these views.

Patrick Harvey

4 weeks ago

Thank you much Dr. Clary, and Dr. Bucey for this helpful episode. Already printed out the Venema article that was referenced and began to read

Benjamin Glaser

3 weeks ago

Like others have said I really appreciated the clarity of the conversation. It was very helpful and am thankful for the careful way you handled the various options, I am especially looking forward to reading Vos on the subject.


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