A Christian View of Economics

Shawn Ritenour, Professor of Economics at Grove City College, speaks about the basics of economics and the Christian principles upon which the study must be based. Dr. Ritenour is the author of Foundations of Economics: A Christian View (Wipf & Stock).

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Christ the Center focuses on Reformed Christian theology. In each episode a group of informed panelists discusses important issues in order to encourage critical thinking and a better understanding of Reformed doctrine with a view toward godly living. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

Benjamin Glaser

3 months ago

This was without a doubt my favorite episode of Reformed Forum.

Von Mises warms my heart.

Terrill I. Elniff

3 months ago

How could you guys spend an hour and eleven minutes discussing Christian economics and not mention, even once, Gary North and his economic commentary on the Bible? Shame! Maybe if you had read more of North, your discussion of Austrian economics would not have been so jumbled.

Gabriel Leite Ferreira

3 months ago

First of all: austrian economics its only a fringe, middle 19ht century school that freezed in time. That´s all. They still belived in markets as natural, what it´s pure ignorance on what this entity are.
Second, the state dont are a bad and fearful aster who shold be putted on strict vigillance. No , their instituition comes with Adam in the garden. Its function it´s united all partial aspects of a peole in a single unity. As Kline wroted: “The Lord’s earlier judicial pronouncements concerning fallen mankind (Gen 3:16ff.) revealed that history was to be informed by the principle of common grace-common curse, with the institution of the family continuing as a societal framework for man’s cultural occupation. The Gen 4:15 disclosure supplemented that with its intimation of the emergence of the authority-structure of the state as a further provision of the common grace of God”. And Dabney wroted : “while the State must not resort to any communism, or invasion of private rights of property, which must be sacred, yet the State has strong reasons to deprecate great inequalities in the aggregation of wealth. See the reasons above, both economical and moral. Hence, the legislation of the State should always be shaped to discourage large accumulations, and to favor equal and moderate fortunes”. Thats sounds free market ?
Second , in the bible i dont see any free market. I see very regulated economics, with limitations of labour hours (Exodus 20,10, Leviticus 25, 8-10), mandatory support of poor people(Leviticus 19,9), exclusion of full property of land and all features that permeates free market ideology.
Third, about state debt, well it´s a unavoidable feature of the free market competition in banking and speculation. If you really wanted a christin response to this, social crediters were a way more insightfull on the subject.
And don´t argue that isn´t caitalism because of state presence. The statal action was decisive in create the conditions of emergence of capitalism, opening markets and building infra structure, without his hand anything of those features of west would be possible.
God Bless.


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