Foreign Missions and Special Office

Divergent approaches to foreign missions have been employed for centuries. Disagreements over various approaches have been at the heart of many historic events in modern church history. Indeed, one such disagreement was critical to the founding of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Christ the Center was pleased to welcome Mark Bube and Doug Clawson, General Secretary and Associate General Secretary, respectively, of the Committee on Foreign Missions for the OPC. Mark and Doug detail the OPC’s specific views regarding foreign missions. They touch upon the reformed standards, catechesis and, most notably, the importance of church government and special office. Join us for a stimulating discussion that will stimulate you to think critically about the work of the Great Commission regardless of denominational affiliation.



Piper, John. Let the Nations Be Glad! 2nd Edition. 2nd ed. Baker Academic, 2003.

Young, John. Missions: The Biblical Motive and Aim. Pittsburgh PA: Crown & Covenant Publications, 2007.

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Bob McDowell

11 years ago

John M.L. Young’s book is “out of print” according to Amazon, but it seems to be available from the publisher Crown And Covenant.

I once met Dr. Young when I was a high school student working on the grounds crew at Covenant College (where I roomed with one of his sons that summer).

I’m back.

11 years ago

[…] Reformed Forum » Foreign Missions and Special Office […]

Tim H.

11 years ago

As a new OP member, I found this very helpful! Thanks for doing this one guys. It seems like we’re on the right track.


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