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Jeff Waddington, Jim Cassidy, and I started Christ the Center in January 2008 as a way to give those who would otherwise not have the opportunity access to Reformed conversation. For the last six years, we’ve been able to speak with a great number of Reformed theologians and historians about an even greater number of topics. Every single episode is freely available in the archives on our site. However, I’ve come to see that few people go back in our vault of Reformed goodness. Perhaps that’s due to a lack of awareness. But it may be a lack of accessibility. Hopefully, I can address the latter immediately.

In episode 300, I mentioned we might post the entire Christ the Center archive as a single download. Here it is. The first 300 episodes of Christ the Center are available for download as a 7.3GB .zip file. Understand that, due to cost and account limitations, we may not be able to maintain this link into perpetuity. So download the file while the link still lives.

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6 years ago

Next time, consider using bittorrent instead of a direct download.

Camden Bucey

6 years ago

We did consider using bitttorent. However, it would be too complicated for a majority of our listeners.



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