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Bible Study Video Courses

Reformed Forum publishes courses specifically designed for use as adult Sunday schools. In the next several years, we plan to work through the entire Bible with rich yet accessible resources that proclaim the truth of Christ revealed in all the Scriptures.

The Doctrine of God

Reformed Forum is committed to classical theism as expounded in the orthodox catholic tradition and especially in the Reformed creeds and catechisms. Several of our free video courses include lectures detailing the Reformed doctrine of God.

Resources on Reformed Apologetics

Reformed Forum is dedicated to fostering a rigorous and collaborative learning environment in order to produce theological leadership for the church. We’re pleased to offer these links to several special resources in Reformed apologetics.

A Free and Unparalleled Curriculum in Reformed Apologetics

Develop your understanding of Reformed apologetics by viewing our free courses in the Fellowship in Reformed Apologetics. These courses are taught by Dr. Lane G. Tipton and now available on YouTube.

In this volume, Lane G. Tipton interprets Van Til in his own historical and polemical context and demonstrates how the immutably dynamic life of the self-contained Trinity bears upon God’s relation to Adam in the work of creation, the act of special providence in covenant, and the person and eternal Son in the event of incarnation.

Deluxe Bundle (limited quantities)

Hardcover (cloth with dust jacket)

Ebook (PDF and ePub)