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An Online Symposium

Reformed Moral Theology

Join us Thursday, August 24, 2023 for a unique online scholarly event.

Our Speakers


Welcome and Introduction

Camden Bucey will open our online symposium, welcoming everyone to the event, explaining the format of our sessions, and introducing our speakers.

A Reformed Moral Theology of Virtue

David VanDrunen will present a chapter from a forthcoming book.


Five Models of Theistic Ethics

T. David Gordon will present a paper on five enduring models of Christian ethics. These models have assisted many in their efforts to live in a theistic manner.


God and Goodness

Chase Kuhn will present a paper on the metaphysical void that modern moral confusion has created and how theology proper can fill it.


Continuity and Discontinuity in the Revelation of God’s Law

Bruce Baugus will present the fourth chapter of his book, The Roots of Reformed Moral Theology, which addresses the Gospels and Acts.

Then, David VanDrunen will present a chapter from a forthcoming book on Jesus’s fulfillment of the law in the Gospels.

Respondents will interact with both presentations.