2016 Theology Conference

Join us for a unique theological learning experience that has been designed to promote face-to-face interaction among attendees and speakers. Reformed Forum has always been about making Reformed theological conversation available and accessible to anyone who is interested. At the 2016 Theology Conference, you will have the opportunity to be an active participant in the discussion for an entire weekend. Attendance is limited to 100 participants, which ensures that each attendee has the opportunity to participate in personal exchanges with our speakers and theological contributors.



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[gdlr_tab title=”Camden Bucey” position=”Pastor, Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Grayslake, Illinois)” author_image=”http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/4876ebbc738ea94d79d05dd139ae7129?s=125&d=mm&r=g” ][/gdlr_tab]

[gdlr_tab title=”Jim Cassidy” position=”Pastor, South Austin Presbyterian Church (Austin, Texas)” author_image=”https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/48d0acbb98ec708ca2926044eee749bf?s=125&d=mm&r=g” ][/gdlr_tab]

[gdlr_tab title=”Glen Clary” position=”Pastor, Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Pflugerville, Texas)” author_image=”http://ppcaustin.org/images/officers/glen.jpg” ][/gdlr_tab]


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[gdlr_tab title=”Lane Tipton” position=”Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary; Pastor, Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Easton, Pennsylvania)” author_image=”http://faculty.wts.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Tiptonedit-small1.jpg” ][/gdlr_tab]

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All times are listed in U.S. Central (CDT).

Friday, October 7th

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]2:30–4:00 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Pre-conference: Live recording of Christ the Center[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]7:00–8:00 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]The Image of God: Biblical-Theological Foundations — Lane Tipton[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]8:00–9:00 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Dessert Reception[/gdlr_column]

Saturday, October 8th

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]8:30–9:30 am[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]The Trinity, Image of God, and Apologetics: Bavinck’s Consistently Reformed Defense of the Faith — Jim Cassidy[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]10:00–11:00 am[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Image of God and Images of God: The Second Commandment and Reformed Worship — Glen Clary[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]11:30 am–12:30 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]The Image of God and Imaging God: A Plea for Including the Ontological and Ethical Preconditions of the Function of the Image in Our Understanding of the Image of God — Jeff Waddington[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]12:30–1:30 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Lunch (provided)[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]1:30–2:30 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]The Archetypal Image in Colossians 1:15: Theological Implications — Lane Tipton[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]3:00–4:00 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Eschatology and the Image of the Last Adam — Camden Bucey[/gdlr_column]

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]5:30–8:30 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]VIP Dinner[/gdlr_column]

Sunday, October 9th

[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]9:30–10:30 am[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Morning Worship Service[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”1/4″]11:00 am–12:00 pm[/gdlr_column]
[gdlr_column size=”3/4″]Sunday School[/gdlr_column]


[gdlr_button href=”https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-theology-conference-tickets-25530312853″ target=”_self” size=”large” background=”#990000″ color=”#ffffff”]Register[/gdlr_button]

Early Bird Rates (ends August 15, 2016)
Pre-conference + main conference — $100
Main conference — $80

Standard Rates (after August 15, 2016)
Pre-conference + main conference — $120
Main conference — $100
Saturday only — $80

Discounted Rates
Student (seminary or college) — $50
Child (2–18) — $20

VIP Dinner — $100

This year we will host an expanded all-inclusive VIP dinner event, where attendees will have the opportunity to spend the evening with our speakers and Reformed Forum board members and contributors. The maximum number of attendees is 15. VIP Dinner tickets must be purchased in addition to the conference registration fee. Dinner tickets can be purchased on the registration page at the same time as conference tickets.

Conference registrations will be accepted at the door, provided that enough space is available. VIP Dinner reservations must be made by September 23rd.

Location & Accommodations

Hope Presbyterian Church (OPC)
18215 E. Belvidere Rd
Grayslake, IL 60030


Group rate hotel rooms are available at Comfort Suites (Grayslake). Reservations can be made online with group code TK5BN4, or by calling the hotel directly at 847–223–5050. The reservation cut-off date is Thursday, September 15th.

Comfort Suites
1775 E. Belvidere Rd
Grayslake, IL 60030
Phone: 847–223–5050
Group Name: Reformed Forum
Group Code: TK5BN4


Contact Info

Reformed Forum
P.O. Box 27422
Philadelphia, PA 19118

+1 440.973.6786

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