Fall 2013 Conferences

It’s that time of year, and we have several conferences to mention.

September 26

  • Houston Reformed Theology Conference, “The Christian Devotional Life”
  • Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Houston, TX
  • Speaker: David P. Murray
  • More information

October 4–6

  • “Learning Discipleship in the Psalms”
  • Location: Ortega PCA, Jacksonville, FL
  • Speaker: Rick Phillips
  • More information

October 25–26

  • Reformation Conference, “Can We Trust the Bible?”
  • Location: Shiloh OPC, Cary, NC
  • Speakers: Derek Thomas, James Anderson, Rosaria Butterfield
  • More information

November 1–2

  • Reformed in America, “An Exploration of the History of Reformed & Presbyterian Christianity in the States”
  • Location: Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Des Moines, IA — hosted by Grace Reformed Presbyterian (OPC) and Providence Reformed Church (URCNA)
  • Speakers: Darryl Hart and Alan Strange
  • More information

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