A Christian Introduction to History

In this inaugural episode of Faith of Our Fathers, Charles Williams and Jonathan Brack discuss a Christian approach to studying history. They seek to explore the basic question: What value is there in studying history, and in particular, church history?


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Faith of our Fathers is a program designed to furnish the layperson with a working knowledge of key events in church history, to explore issues in church history from a Reformed perspective, and to consider the practical relevance of studying themes in church history without being merely pragmatic. Browse more episodes from this program and learn how to subscribe.

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  1. Great episode! You gave us plenty of reasons not only to study history, but to tune in to this broadcast. Looking forward to the study of the early church and will be checking back often for new episodes. Thanks for your work, and for your contagious enthusiasm.

  2. I really liked how to connected history to our sense of identity. If we see ourselves as Christians first, Americans second, then it really does make sense to emphasize the study of church history as a way of connecting us to the larger story which the Lord is telling through His people.

  3. I’m really excited about this program; there aren’t enough good sources out there on church history. Not sure if you would be interested, but I have done a lot of work in Patristic soteriology, dealing with early interpretations of Paul and early Augustinianism. I did my ThM thesis in this area, which is being published by Wipf & Stock later this year, and also am having an essay published on the moderate Augustinianism of Prosper of Aquitaine in LOGIA.

    I am a Lutheran pastor, rather than Reformed, but we have unity on the issues of divine monergism and sola fide, so I think you might find my work valuable. Anyway, let me know if you would find any of this helpful. God bless.

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