An Approach to Church History

In the second episode, Jonathan Brack and Charles Williams discuss how to begin studying church history, and provide a bird’s-eye view of the first six centuries of Christianity.

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Faith of our Fathers is a program designed to furnish the layperson with a working knowledge of key events in church history, to explore issues in church history from a Reformed perspective, and to consider the practical relevance of studying themes in church history without being merely pragmatic. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

Jim Cassidy

7 years ago

Well, since you asked . . .

The Boss
Count Basie
Old Princeton
Thomas Edison
THe Sopranos

Sorry, counldn’t resist that last one!

Don Haflich

6 years ago

I only see one good thing in that list but maybe that’s because I am biased towards Old Princeton.

Mark A. Winder

7 years ago

I appreciate the way you guys laid this out. Too often folks (including me) can be intimidated by the many hundreds of important dates in church history. Perhaps too often our initial approach is hampered by our sense of obligation that we examine the stem and vein of every leaf. It is helpful and essential for maintaining proper perspective, to begin with the whole forest. Your approach of marking significant dates and using them as reference points is a helpful way of maintaining perspective and flow. I hope this broadcast removed some of the impediments to studying church history. I think you have whet some appetites!


7 years ago

Are those mile marker dates listed somewhere? I didn’t take notes as I listened and have forgotten some already.

Charles Williams

7 years ago

Sure thing, Anar!

1. 70 AD – the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem
2. 313 AD – the Edict of Milan
3. 325 AD – the Council of Nicaea
4. 381 AD – the Council of Constantinople
5. 431 AD – the Council of Ephesus
6. 451 AD – the Council of Chalcedon


7 years ago


This is a great new show. It is like a serial novel; at the end of each episode, I’m craving more. Keep up the good work Charles and Jonathan!


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