The Fight Against Tyranny

Darryl G. Hart continues his teaching series on J. Gresham Machen with a look at Machen’s views about politics and the relation between the church and state. This lesson was taught at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Glenside, PA where Dr. Hart serves as elder.


Historia Ecclesia is an audio program dedicated to the history of the church. In each episode a particular event or person that is influential in the development of the church will be studied in order to inform the present day. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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Brother Hank

9 years ago

I really appreciate the series y’all are doing on Machen guys. Keep it up. With things winding down for the summer here at Southern Seminary, it’s a blessing to be able to “sit in” on some edifying and challenging classes through the podcasts — but this time the classes are free!


Tim H.

9 years ago

I second BH. I’ve said it before, but I do really appreciate you preserving and sharing this Camden. And thanks Dr. Hart!

Mark Denning

9 years ago

Where does one find the article Dr. Hart reads from entitled “Responsibility of the Church in Out New Age”? I goggled it and see that I can purchase it through JSTOR for $19. I also searched the OPC website for it and could not find it. Can you get it for free anywhere? If not, where is the OPC version available for purchase?

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

It’s also on p. 364 of his Shorter Writings.

Bob Fu

8 years ago

hey, professor Hart, this is Bob Fu, a WTS PhD candidate. I am writing my dissertation reg church-state relations and found you lectured this topic on Machen’s view at “The Fight Against Tyranny.” Where can I find your text of the lecture so that I can put it as a reference? thank you.
Bob Fu

Camden Bucey

8 years ago


To my knowledge there is no written version of the lecture. There is a standard citation format for lectures. Perhaps you could do that.

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8 years ago

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