Founders of Westminster Theological Seminary

Westminster Theological Seminary was founded in 1929 as a result of denominational conflict within the Presbyterian Church in the USA. J. Gresham Machen brought together several men in an attempt to carry on the rich Reformed tradition of Old Princeton. In this episode of Historia Ecclesia, Jonathan Brack provides of a sketch of three of those men: Paul Woolley, Ned B. Stonehouse, and Cornelius Van Til.



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  2. Steve

    Here is a link to John Frame’s essay “Machen’s Warrior Children”:


    Was this the direct source of the running joke on the program? I never quite get whether or not their is a genuine offense taken from the title or if it is all tongue in cheek. . .
    In any event, I love you guys AND Dr. Frame, and the first half of the essay gives a concise historical summary of the era that was very useful to me.

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